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#1 Bulk manufacturer & wholesaler of Hermit Crab Shells and supplies; our products consist of Painted, Natural, Dyed, Fancy, and Decorative Sea Shells. We also supply accessories such as water ponds, food dishes, Caves, huts, and more.

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Hermit Crab Shells Painted & Fancy Shells

We carry a wide selection of painted shells & Decorative designs that are available in various colors and sizes from small, medium & large sizes.

Being in the Hermit crab supply industry has allowed us to test many different paints and finalize paints that are non-toxic and safe to use. Our higher-grade fancy will not peel easily.

Dyed Colourful Decorative Hermit Crab Shells

Our dyed seashells come in various colors, including solid base colors, metallic colors, and neon colors, to meet your specific needs.
We are happy to work on special orders and use the color shades that you specify.

To ensure that our painted and dyed shells are suitable for Hermit Crabs, we use high-quality, non-toxic colors and paints.

Hermit Crab Shells Natural Polished

Natural Seashells are available in various shapes, and sizes. We only use suitable types of natural shells commonly used for hermit crabs.

Each seashell is carefully checked to ensure they meet the highest quality and are not broken from the inside. Sizes are available in Small, Medium, Large, extra-large sizes, and jumbo hermit crab shells

3D Hermit Crab Shells

Quality designs and virtually unbreakable 3D Seashells are available in various themes and styles, including ocean, beach, garden, and more. We have over 50 different designs to choose from.

The paints we use for our Decorative 3D Seashells are durable and won’t peel. In addition, the colors we use are all non-toxic.

Decorative 3D Seashells

hermit crab shells for sale

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Please see our terms and conditions for more information on the minimum order specifications, or contact us.


Hermit Crab Wholesale Supply

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Hermit crabs change their seashells as they grow. They can change up to 20 times in their lifetime. A large tank with plenty of hermit crab shells allows hermit crabs the opportunity to change their seashells more often.

The shells found on the beach are not suitable for hermit crabs because they are exposed to the elements and may be damaged or contaminated, and will require special treatment for cleaning them.
You can get fresh hermit crab shells from a pet store or through a supplier.

If you encounter a crab in the wild, you should not bring it home. It may be illegal to get a hermit crab home from the beach, so check your state laws. They also have very particular care needs that differ from species to species. You can, however, buy an existing crab from a pet store.

Hermit crabs are not high-maintenance pets. They are medium-sized and can be kept in a small terrarium. However, they need to be fed every day and must have fresh water to stay hydrated.

Hermit crabs can survive without a shell, but it is not recommended. They will be unable to protect themselves from predators and other dangers while without a seashell. When hermit crabs grow, they must find larger seashells to inhabit. In the wild, these collected shells are usually seashells that are washed up onshore. (we recommend keeping extra seashells in various sizes available for them at all times)

Sand from the beach is not generally safe for hermit crabs because it may contain high levels of bacteria or parasites. However, you can purchase sand that is already treated or buy sand from a pet store.

Before hermit crabs choose the correct shell to move into, they will try on several to see if they fit. Most hermit crabs choose seashells based on one that fits well.

The sand should be around the same depth as the largest hermit crab in your habitat. based on the size of your crabs, the sand depth should be about 2-4 inches deep