No 1 Decorative Hermit Crab Sea Shells

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Decorative Hermit Crab Sea Shells

All Our Decorative Hermit Crab Shells colors are safe and durable and available in various shades and sizes and qualities.

We sell Dyed Hermit Crab Shells in various colors, including standard base colors, neon colors, soft pastel colors, and metallic colors. Should you have any specific color requirements for your order, I would be glad to work with you based on your color and quantity requirements. Additional information regarding personalized orders and minimum order requirements can be found on our terms & conditions page.

Our colorful dyed and decorative seashells are made with non-toxic paints and coatings entirely safe for Hermit Crabs in Dyed Shells and Painted Shells, we also carry a wonderful selection for Natural Hermit Crab Shells

Please contact us with your needs and requirements for our Hermit Crab Colors Shells, which are only available in bulk wholesale only.